For Parents

Why Dance?
  • Kids build character and recognize their strengths by being creative
  • They learn what's natural for them
  • Develop self awareness
  • They have fun!
  • Hopefully they feel that they can belong to something
  • Develop relationships with other kids


Why This Style?
  • They can interpret their own style of moving
  • It gives a sense of freedom
  • There is an exchange of positive energy
  • Kids can show their personality
  • Show how dance can be a positive way of expression
  • Encourages individual, origin, and personal style
  • Focus on physical exercise and learn great dance techniques and moves


What are the benefits of taking dance with DWK?
  • They learn to focus and have fun without realizing that they are "learning"
  • They are taught life-skills (respect, personality, they can discover more about music, etc.)
  • To be aware of others in class
  • Helps kids find their own voice through voice in dance
  • Find their own uniqueness
  • Places them in a positive, safe, family environment
  • They will learn to give something back by becoming teachers themselves
  • Kids can make friends by sharing something in common
  • Build a dance phrase
  • Develop physical competence
  • Prove that precision and control improve with practice
  • They will learn a choreographed routine during the lessons
  • Work in a team and perform as a group


What does music mean to me?
  • It gives me freedom to move
  • Allows me to be creative and inspires me
  • Creates comfort
  • Gives me energy
  • Brings the kids together without borders, no matter what the backgrounds
  • Makes me smile!


What does my child have to wear?
  • Comfortable, baggy, loose clothes, gym/sports shoes
  • Anything to make them feel comfortable to move!


Can my child try a lesson first before signing up?
  • Of course! Everyone should try it to see if it's for them!


Can my child try a lesson first before signing up?
  • Of course! Everyone should try it to see if it's for them!


Can parents watch the classes?
  • Yes! I encourage that parents see how their kids do in the class and give feedback anytime!


Are there also classes for adults?
  • Yes! There are classes for adults in the mornings and evenings. Check for more information.


Can I get some of the music used in the classes?
  • I can provide you with the information of the songs used. You can easily download them yourselves or buy them if you prefer!


How can I find out about other classes or workshops that DWK has?










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